Kroc Summer Camps

Kroc Summer Camps

The eight best weeks of summer begin on June 12!
Registration is open right now.

They have a pool for the kids, weight room, treadmills and resistance machines. Something for everyone here.
~ Aaron Cook

Top-notch facilities from floor to ceiling. Employees are the best and brightest. Excellent facility for singles, couples, and families.
~ Don Burns

Camp Is Back

The Kroc’s annual summer camp is back! This summer, we will run 8 weeks of programming lasting from June 12, 2023 until August 4, 2023. Camp hours will be from 8am – 6pm, (programmed hours: 9am – 5pm).

This year’s age groups will be as follows:
Ages 5-6 (Max capacity: 16 children)
Ages 7-9 (Max capacity: 50 children)
Ages 10-12 (Max capacity: 50 children)

Registration is open now!
We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Have Questions?

We’re here to help! Contact our helpful and caring staff today and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.

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