Kids Watch Policies

Kids Watch Policies

The Kroc Center provides a safe environment for your child while you participate in any activity in the facility. In order to keep our guests safe, we ask that you follow these rules when utilizing Kids Watch.

  • Kroc Center employees will supervise the children in the Play Care center. If no children are present, the center may close up to 30 minutes early. Rates and hours are subject to change. It is our expectation and desire to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience for parents and children, and thus we require:
  • Prior to first use, the Kids Watch Center Emergency Contact Card must be completed and signed.
  • All space is on a first come, first serve basis (based on child to staff ratio availability).
  • Parent or guardian must stay on-site after dropping off children.
  • Children must stay in the Kids Watch Room until released to the parent/guardian.
  • If your child is not adjusting to the Play Care and is crying (to the point of being hysterical) for 15-minutes after you leave, we will call you by cell phone or over the intercom to come and pick-up your child. Please listen for your name/phone.
  • With parent/guardian written approval, staff is able to change diapers following The Salvation Army policy. See Diapering/Bathroom Assistance Policy below for details.
  • If your child is not fully potty trained, please ensure they are wearing a pull-up or underwear. If your child is potty trained, but still learning the finer details of going potty (wiping completely, etc.) staff is able to assist your child as needed. See Diapering/Bathroom Assistance Policy below for details.
  • Children’s items must be labeled with their first and last name; we cannot be responsible for items left behind.
  • No food or gum is allowed inside of Kids Watch, in order to safeguard children with food allergies.
  • Children who harm others (including, but not limited to biting, scratching, hitting) may be asked to leave for the day. Children involved in more than three incidents may be suspended or not be allowed to use the center; the length of time will be determined by the Kroc Center Management team. If child is prone to aggressive behavior, please notify staff. Each consistent discipline problem will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • Children who appear sick will need to be removed from the facility immediately (this includes sore throat, fever, diarrhea, excessive coughing, excessive runny nose, rashes, pink/glassy eyes, vomiting, etc.). The child must come in with a note from his/her doctor authorizing usage if condition is non-contagious (allergies, etc.) This policy will be strictly enforced for the protection of the child, other children, and our staff. Please keep your child home until the fever is completely gone. A 24-hour period is recommended.
  • Any visit over 2 hours, or that extend past our Kids Watch Center hours may be charged an additional fee ($1 per minute). Continued violation of this policy may result in termination of Kids Watch program use.

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