Kids Programs


The Kroc Center’s Afterschool STEAM University offers a safe, fun, and enriching environment for children 5-11. The program includes snacks, homework time, and opportunities to build friendships. Students will have opportunities to explore dance, art, music, theatre, swimming, rock wall climbing, outdoor play, and STEM.

ages 5-11 // starting at $10 per day


Homeschool students will explore music, art, creative writing, theatre, STEM, music, dance, swimming, and sports. Younger students will learn about animals through a partnership with the Potawatomi Zoo. Classes are taught by instructors who love to teach and are experts in their field. Best of all, this is the place where friendship and community happen!

ages 5-13 // 10 week sessions // starting at $130


On scheduled days off with South Bend Community School Corporation, campers will follow a structured routine that includes swimming, climbing the rock wall, theatre, art, dance, games, and time to hang out in The Zone. Students must bring their own Chromebooks or school materials to participate in E-learning days. Students need to bring their own lunch, water bottle, bathing suit, and towel. Please pack warm clothes on cold days as we will be playing outside.

ages 5-11 // starting at $25 per day

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