Dance Classes


Welcome to the world of dance! This is a class for toddlers to explore the world around them and engage in nursery rhyme-based movement, pre-dancing activities, and very basic ballet fundamentals. Children will explore rhythm, counting, and gross motor skills as they learn alongside fun and familiar songs. They will continue to build strong bonds with their adults as they are led through class activities.

ages 18 months – 3 years // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


This class is designed for children who are ready to begin taking dance classes independently. They will learn exercises at the ballet barre, correct posture, introductory ballet movements, and combinations. This class will include center floor work, across the floor movements, and early ballet fundamentals.

ages 3-5 // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


Beginner ballet is a class for school-aged students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of ballet. Students will complete a warm-up at the ballet barre at the start of class and move into floor combinations, across the floor movement, and turns. They will learn how those movements are put together into choreography that creates a ballet dance. This class will advance through various ballet movements that increase in difficulty.

ages 5-10 // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


Learn the fundamentals of hip-hop! In this beginner hip-hop class, students will learn basic drills for hip-hop footwork and the fundamentals of popping, locking, and breaking. The pace of the class will equip those who are new to hip-hop to succeed in learning two choreographed dances.

ages 5+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


Have you taken beginner hip-hop and feel like you’re ready to take on more? Intermediate hip-hop takes the fundaments taught in the beginner hip-hop class to a whole new level! In this class, the choreography and breaking become more detailed and have a higher level of difficulty.

ages 5+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


This class requires audition and introduces students to advanced moves and choreography.

ages 12+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


Learn and experience Afro-Caribbean dance that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to celebrate wholeness, health, and life through drum and dance!

ages 12+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members


Youth will learn basic tumbling skills that will be incorporated into breakdance and hip-hop dance routines.

ages 8+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // free for members

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