Need a creative outlet? Has it been too long since you expressed yourself through art? Come alongside our skilled and passionate art instructor to learn and explore your artistic voice. Materials are provided and all skill levels are welcome.

ages 16+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // starting at $40


In this process-based art making class we will explore the elements of design – shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture – as starting points to spark the creative process. As we make, we will move using techniques to fan that creative spark into creative fire.

ages 10-15 // 4 & 5 week sessions // starting at $40


In this course, students will learn a variety of photography techniques and styles. Students will then be able to use their photographs to create collages using many different art mediums and materials.

ages 8+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // starting at $40


As a group, students will create a script, design sets and props, write soundtracks, record, and edit a short film. This class brings multiple instructors together to help students realize their creative vision. Students will build teamwork skills through collaborative learning.

ages 10+ // 4 & 5 week sessions // starting at $40

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