Personal Training

Get the results you are looking for on a personal level.

Our top-notch program allows you to workout one-on-one with a certified personal trainer who will provide services to meet and exceed your expectations. We provide each client with guidance, motivation, safety, and excellent fitness programs that will make the difference of a lifetime.


The Kroc Center is staffed with some of South Bend’s best professional trainers featuring a multitude of backgrounds and experience. Sign up for one of our many group programs or set up your consultation for personal training. Our trainers will create the custom workout and nutrition program that works for you! People of all ages and abilities, fromthe person looking to lose weight to the elite athlete, are encouraged to inquire.

Training Sessions May Include:
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Custom Designed Training Program
  • Warm-up, stretching, and cool down
  • Machine/Free Weight Training Instruction
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Exercise Progression & Program Creativity
  • Evaluation & Review of Goals
  • Basic Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Exercise ideas for home and travel
  • Race/Event Specific Training
  • Successful workout plans and programs to meet the needs of every client
Personal Training Pricing
1 Hour Sessions
1 Session $30 members/$40 non-memebers
6 Sessions> $160 members/$220 non-members
12 Sessions $315 members/$435 non-members
30 Minute Sessions
1 Session $15 members/$25 non-members
6 Sessions $80 members/$140 non-members
12 Sessions $150 members/$270 non-members
Group Training (2+ Clients/1 trainer)
1 Hour Sessions
1 Session $15 per person members/$25 per person non-members
6 Sessions $80 per person members/$140 per person non-members
12 Sessions $150 per person members/$270 per person non-members<
Group Training (2+ Clients/1 trainer)
30 Minute Sessions
1 Session $10 per person members/$20 per person non-members
6 Sessions $53 per person members/$113 per person non-members
12 Sessions $106 per person members/$226 per person non-members
Gold Member discount does not apply to personal training sessions.

Questions? Suggestions?

Submit questions and suggestions with our online Contact Form, email [email protected] or give us a call at 574-233-9471.