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You dream of something…something lights you up completely. I want to be an author, an artist, an Olympic runner. I dream of winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I dream of being a firefighter. I love to teach. I want to be a great parent! We all aspire to something–no matter how ambitious or practical–there is a spark in all of us. How’s your spark faring these days? We invite you to fire it up at the Kroc Center!

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YOU can become a Member today! Membership is available at both the silver and gold levels. Both offer full access to the Kroc Center's Aquatics Center, Gymnasium, Fitness Center, climbing wall and so much more. Gold Members receive additional savings and benefits.

Becoming a member at the Kroc Center is much more than signing up for a health club. Some of benefits include:

Check out our Membership Options page for all the details of each membership.

Want to check out the place first?

Grab a day pass and try it out first. We have Day Pass rates and options for one or the whole family. Download and fill out the fom below and bring it to the welcome desk.

We also offer tours on the hour every hour during the schedule below. Visit the Welcome Desk for more info.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 3pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 11am

Ready to Join

Please download and fill out our Membership Application and bring it to our Welcome Desk at the Kroc Center. We'll help you get your membership completed so you can begin your world-class MyKroc experience.

Recreation Guidelines

Please review our recreation guidelines. The guidelines help to provide a safe, healthy and family friendly space for all our members and guests.

Questions? Suggestions?

Submit questions and suggestions with our online Contact Form, email [email protected] or give us a call at 574-233-9471.