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Intern, noun-a person who works as an apprentice or trainee in an occupation or profession to gain practical experience...1

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of South Bend’s (RJKCCC) Internship Program’s mission is to develop individuals through experimental learning in a real-world working environment and help aid those individuals as they transition from academics into a profession. The South Bend Kroc Center offers two types of internship programs. Our college internship program is available to those individuals that are currently enrolled in an accredited college, university, vocational or trade school, or certification program. Similar to our college internship program, our Service Learning Internship Program is available to individuals, eighteen (18) and under, that are currently enrolled in high school, alternative school (GED Program, etc.) or homeschool. To learn more visit the College Internship Program or Service Learning Internship Program pages.

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