Kroc Church

Growing in Faith Together!

backlit cross on church exterior

At Kroc Church, we don't gather to put on a show or impress one another. We strive to be honest about who we are, and our goal is to simply glorify God with our lives; it is the grace of God that motivates us. We hope to point our community to Jesus. The Kroc Center is not just a place to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, it is also a place to grow spiritually! Kroc Church provides a welcoming environment for all people to experience God’s love and to grow in their faith.

At the core of the Kroc Center is the Kroc Church. We believe that God has blessed our community with new opportunities to be encouraged in relationship with Jesus Christ and one another, to be equipped to find God's truth wherever it lies, and to be engaged in mission for our community's benefit and God's glory.

Whether you would like to worship with us every Sunday, attend one of our weekly Bible studies after your work-out, or pop in occasionally for a unique lecture, Kroc Church is a great place to learn and grow closer to God’s grace and love.

Questions? Suggestions?

Submit questions and suggestions with our online Contact Form, email [email protected] or give us a call at 574-233-9471.