Welcome to the Kroc Center

Why do we call it “MyKroc”? Because it is your Kroc! It is a place that has been designed just for you. We believe that once you experience the Kroc Center, you will consider it your very own.

The Kroc Center is a place that encourages members of the community, both young and old, to come together like never before. It's a world-class facility featuring a family water park, climbing wall, chapel/auditorium, teen activities center, and game room. It is a sports and fitness training facility and recreation center that has leagues and activities for every age. It is a banquet center and an education center. It is also a recording studio. There is a place for children to learn interactively and a place where kids and families will be able to PARTY! It is a fine arts center and digital arts studio. It is a music and entertainment center that offers personal music instruction and also features community performances.

Floor Plan

Download a map of the Kroc Center

It can inspire, accomplish, heal, provide, and change things for the better. It can also create a dynamic sense of purpose and self-worth. With all these goals in mind, you will see it is an incredible Center that will transform countless lives for generations to come.

We invite you to experience the Kroc Center and soon you also will call it “MYKROC”!